Have any of you out there ever come across something so unique and interesting that it's hard not to sit and think about it all day? Well just that happened to me when i was told that our close friend and surfer comrade, Steve 'Monty' Montell, had a collection of goodies that would surely 'blow my mind hole.'
Monty is an avid collector of anything 'surf', from vintage boards (surf and skate) to surf movie posters dating back to the late 60's, he sure has some gems. Here we were putting away some beers, whilst i was drooling over vintage prints when he said "Great surfers from the 60's 70's and 80's ripped on these posters, and that any surfer worth his salt should know them just from their first names... Nat, Wayne, Jerry, Mark, Larry, Cheyne, Owl, Terry, Shaun, Rabbit and George."
"There are around 120 posters in draws, on walls or laying around somewhere." He says. "It all started with a 'Big Wednesday' bill i scored at the Warriwood drive- in back in 83', but i didn't start to collect seriously until the 90's."
My excitement grew further when i was told that a couple of the oldest posters, 'Evolution' and 'The Fantastic Plastic Machine' date back to the late 60's!
I have seen but a snippet of what his collection consists of, but i can tell you that it is as impressive as it is large. I have a feeling that i will be paying Monte another visit soon to see the see, shoot more of his collection and drink more of his beer.
Some of Monte's best pieces will be on display at the 'Temple of Enthusiasm' opening September 4th, so make a plan and head on down!