We had a Hunch about this Bunch. Deus gallery

Four walls with the works from four young talented Indonesian artists and designers, with one common thread. They either work or have worked, at one time or another, as designers for Deus Ex Machina Indonesia. You could say we were the first to have a hunch about each of this bunch, that we were cluey enough to realize that all of them were destined for bigger things, right from the get go.

The show is called "BUNCH OF HUNCH", and we get to see the superlative works of Iqbal Najib, Satrio Rizky Wicaksono, Satria Nugraha, and Ijal Alfriansyah, who collectively and individually, offer us a small insight into their world outside the confines of this rather tenuous common thread. Four men, so similar yet very different. It is a setting where we are seeing there before, there during and there ever after, all come percolating up to the surface.

Another interesting aspect of this body of work is the interaction between each, the way they have individually worked on knowing full well that the final pieces would be displayed in this group show. They discussed and decided as a group who goes where and what space. Each artist then knew which predefined space they had to exhibit and has created their own series of pieces to complement each other rather than spreading out through the gallery with multiple themes and concepts.

Friends and family turned up in droves to wish them well and see for themselves what all this hullabaloo was all about. People came and went through the evening and it was great to see some red dots appearing on pieces on all four walls of the gallery.

"BUNCH OF HUNCH" will adorn the walls of the Deus Gallery at the Deus Ex Machina Temple of Enthusiasm. Canggu, Bali from Friday, December 6, 2019 – Sunday, January 12, 2020

Deus Gallery is proudly sponsored by Two Islands Wine, Strongbow Cider as well as Koenig & Kaltenberg Beers

A little bit about the artists…

Iqbal Najib
A graphic designer who shares his perspective of local vibes and turns them into unique pieces of art with his intuitive, aesthetically-driven approach and bold graphic style. He has designed and produce a range of unique prints, in his drive to bring art into the everyday.

His name is Satrio Rizky Wicaksono, but everyone calls him Tiyok.
A 23 year who is already battling a quarter life crisis. Real and imagined demons that he purges through the therapy, that is his art, to illustrate his personal battles and hopefully spread the message about mental health. He flippantly says his favourite breakfast is mistakes served with a side of regrets.

‘Serenity in Disturbance’ is the collective series of art by Satrio Rizky Wicaksono. It born from his writings during his low times. A period when his life had been crushed into the ground and his demons had won one of the battles. A time when negative emotions danced on top of his life. They won that battle but he is winning the war.

Satria Nugraha
Satria is an immersive artist who is using printmaking techniques, such as screenprint and other technical combinations of mixed media, collages, video montage, installations, etc. His visual realisations are influenced by simple things as well as his surrounding environment. It is family, friends, music, insights into human nature and his relationship to these things. For Sat, art is the practice of freedom both in idea and activity, where it represents the expectations of eternal harmony between humans and nature.

Ijal Mariachi
An illustrator and graphic artist whose passion for drawing has been a lifelong friend from when he was 8 years old. His illustration style explores themes of gender, surreal and contemporary. On a stage set with basic bright colour combinations, he builds his characters and perspectives to communicate specific concepts, inherent personalities and the emotions caught within that moment in time.

Ijal is currently selling art prints in stores across Indonesia. He supplements his art with commercial and editorial illustration projects, collective exhibitions and collaborations with local and international brands. 

Images by Didit  Prasetyo Adiwibowo