Buckle up, We're Riding With The Wind and Mastom

Friday night the 21st Feb the weather gods conspired to make it more than a bit of a miserable night. The fact the Deus Gallery at Bali's Deus Temple of Enthusiasm wasn't wall to wall with people wanting to see clever, fun and visually stunning art can be placed squarely on their shoulders. That meant one thing though, there was more of the free flow wine, beer, and cider for those who grin and bore the squalls of torrential rain to welcome the artist to the space and take in all of his moto-inspired offerings of art. Mastom, has received a lot from his motorcycle life. Not only has it given him the amazing experience that is riding, a passion and obsession of his for the last 27 years. But the motorcycle life is that place where he is finally capable of perfecting his ideas, concepts, hopes, and dreams. This passion for riding and distillation of everything else is what Mastom pours into the paintings and graphic arts that make up this solo exhibition, "Riding with The Wind, a Motorcycle Diary". Tommy Dwi Djatmiko, is Mastom. His motorcycle life started from a very young age and in fact, he’s been a member of the Bikers Brotherhood Motorcycle Club since 1993. In 2002 he opened Mary Jane Therapy design store. Then in 2008, he founded the custom motorcycle brand, Mastomcustom. The show "Riding with The Wind, a Motorcycle Diary" is open 8 am - 10 pm seven days a week from 21 Feb until 22 Mar. During the exhibitions run, a Mastomcustom's fully refurbished 1980's Kawasaki 125cc GTO motorbike, which is on display in the exhibition, is being auctioned off online. A bike Mastom has affectionately called, as well as painted on the tank, "Leucopsar Roschildi" Which is Latin for Bali Starling. Mastom will donate a part of the auction proceeds to the Begawan Foundation, which has been active in the Bali Starling Conservation and environmental education since 1996. ••••• Deus Gallery is proudly sponsored by Koenig & Kaltenberg Beers as well as Two Islands Wine & Strongbow Cider All images by Didit Prasetyo Adiwibowo