Swank Rally Tunisia – Into The Desert Video

The first edition of the Swank Rally Tunisia was nothing short of amazing. A joint production from Deus Ex Machina, Adventure Riding, and enduro wizard Alessandro Botturi, the event was organised to perfection: easy enough for everyone to get stuck in and challenging enough to satisfy the lust for dirt of an expert rider. Over the course of five days, we rode 800km through the stunning desert terrain of Tunisia.

The route was a round trip through Douz, Camp Zmela, Matmata, Camp Mars, and back to Douz. From roads that stretched seemingly into eternity to the famous Sahara dunes and then onto rocky hills, it was truly a rally enthusiast's dream come true. The singular feeling of riding alone across an endless shifting sea of sand (passing the occasional shrub) will not be forgotten.

The trip went a little like this...