Back to the beginning, The Deus SlidetoberFest Surf Event

We were back at the beach for day three of the Deus SlidetoberFest, and for the first time this weekend, we were actually going to get wet. The whole event was once centred around surf, SlidetoberFest was the celebration of a year of hard work culminating in the opening of the Deus Temple in Bali, many, many moons ago. It was a group of mates gathering together to party and high five each other after setting the wheel spinning. Then over the years the moto slid in, taking the days over but we never forgot our roots and each year we came back to the water’s edge with an offering of those original friends and a slathering of mates we have met since, and just as in years past, there was a fresh posse of people we just happened to meet on the day.

Over those years we’d put a spin on the event, rather than people bringing their own boards, where they’d have a comfort zone riding what they have been for the past days, weeks, or months, we supplied them. Just so happened we were putting our brand spanking new ‘Always Available’ Deus Quiver through some testing and although this assemblage of Bali’s watermen and women didn’t know it, we’d be using all of them for a little non-biased testing.

You ride ours. We started with ten or so boards that have one key characteristic in common. They were all part of the new Deus Quiver. There was a couple of fish, alternative thrusters, eggs, two plus ones and so one, and the way surfers got to choose them was the real humdinger, they drew straws. Longest gets first pick and the others follow suit.

We managed to keep it going all day long, a few tried to grab and get out there, people pushing and jostling for the more performance models but we put a kibosh on that and people settled down. We brushed through the first 8 heats, two going through and laid waste to many. It was great to see the event breakdown and people assume their more natural stance of having fun, party waves and high fiving.

Here for your viewing pleasure is a little recap video, and some wonderful snaps of what we got up to. The winners were not announced until later that night at the Deus Temple Wrap up Party. But really, that wasn’t what today was about.

The whole weekend wouldn’t have come together without help from our friends over at Motul Indonesia and Island Brewing. One lubricated our bikes, the other, our souls.


Film by
Andre Cricket
Yoga Santiyasa

Photos by
Ram Matteo 
Didit Prasetyo
Mirza Nurman

From one to four, the guys who scored…

1 Mattia Mori
2 Chilli (PSC)
3 Luke Slijpen
4 Luke Condon