We came, we saw, they are Blacksaw.

Everything is cyclic. Blacksaw is Stephanie and Kyle, a Canadian couple who, some years back, sat on the front verandah here at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu Bali and dreamt of their future. It was back then when they decided they wanted to spend their time making meaning possessions. Designers with a bloody-minded mantra. Their Meaningful Possessions mantra is truly at the core of everything they create. If it does not hold meaning to the bigger picture, it will not be produced. In this disposable age, it is really important to get people thinking again about where their products are coming from, the longevity of each item, and if and why they hold meaning. For this beautiful show they came up with these beautiful baby Alpaca blankets that are, as they see it, a vessel for design that was not size or gender specific. Something that has no expiry date. It is something that could be passed on for generations. It was something that they thought could be one of the tangible things in your life that was worthy of taking up space. You can tell that it also comes down to the details. Hung rugs they may be to the untrained eye, but they are made from premium sustainable fibers, woven to produce a collection of well balanced and intricate art pieces, each a reversible textile, all the while retaining a focus on responsible innovation through eco-conscious efforts. Photos by Didit