It’s not easy to describe what sort of mayhem we’re cooking up at Deus this month with the arrival of our good friends from Land, the creative vision of Austin-born artists Ryan Rhodes and Caleb Owen Everitt. These guys don’t need the same grand introduction we give most of our visiting artists - that’s because they have been producing art and designs for Deus Ex Machina for over two years - almost since the dawn of the Temple itself. Here at the Temple we embrace ideas with open arms; everything we do is to fuel our creative pursuits, to see our ideas materialize, and to preserve a lifestyle that embraces our passions. So when it comes to collaborating with other artists we get busy on a wide variety of different projects with the promise of delivering some unique, one-off, sui generis ideas. As you’ve probably gathered from us, we’re not big on just pressing stuff out there. We don’t produce things just for the sake of producing something. Everything we make is unique and has a story behind it, meaning if you have a Deus shirt with a motorcycle on it, we made that bike. If you’ve seen a naked girl on any of our designs, chances are that it’s Caleb’s girlfriend. Currently the guys from Land are busy up in the Gladak designing new graphics for Deus, sketching up some awesome drawings, and doing some finishing touches on their art for the upcoming exhibition this month, which will focus on life, death and dreams. The guys have been busy in the shaping bay too, working side-by-side with shaper Ryan Lovelace -who is on his second visit here at Deus - on a board that will feature their art. Land will even be designing the mural out on the skate ramp, and If that isn’t having a foot in the door they asked to take one of our customs out for a spin, only to find out later that they crashed it into a pick-up truck carrying a load of eggs. They came back – bodies intact, covered in egg gook and smelling awesomely - with a promise to redesign some of the work on the bike that they crashed. Even before the egghead incident, though, they had made another promise on the Deus Custom front: to design a bike with the Deus team, complete to their specifications, and with a little touch of their art. This collaboration will be showcased along side their artwork this month on the 13th when the Deus Art Gallery will host Lands “A Gift to the Dogs of Time” exhibition, so if you’re around on that day be sure to check out the art that has long been the Deus signature, and of course, our new Deus X Land custom motorcycle, the Tiger Dog.