“Morning honey, how’s yer ass feel?”

We all embrace the ones who like to get radical. Hell every year we like to dress up and huck ourselves down a dirt road on our bikes fueled up on cheep beer and petrol, and then through a party afterwards to celebrate that no one got hurt, but hey, that’s us. But what really gets our blood pumping is when others who are out and about humanizing their wild beast stop by The Temple and tell us there profound stories.

This is how we met Peter and Helena, two art students with nothing more than their bags and a tattoo gun in hand found themselves in Jojga, which is a very art forward part of Bali. They then decided to acquire 2 vintage bikes, a Honda CB125 and Honda GL Deluxe. I believe they paid under a 500.00 US for the both (Its amazing what one can find under a tree in these parts of the world). Since the bikes were road trip worthy they filled up, and pealed off.

They found them selves traveling with a few Vespa enthusiasts and mostly putted down the road often traveled as a group, sleeping on the side of the roads and waking up a bolting off the next day. If you were lucky enough to see the pack, you may have thought they were a traveling performance art crew putting on The Who’s Quadrophenia as they pulled into towns, hawking there performances for nasi champure (that would have been kool with us as well) but they weren’t. Once they reached the ferry over to Bali they spit from the scooter boys returned their Pork Pie Hats said adios and turned the page for their next adventure. So logically they set up a make shift Tattoo parlor on said ferry and slang ink to who ever was keen. Makes since to us. Once their last volunteer was satisfied (because the ferry’s are always smooth crossings) the two set out to find, King Solomon’s Mines, well Deus, but never the less they made it and told us all about it, lucky for them they arrived on a Tuesday, and you know what that means around theses parts, welcome to Mariritardville. Yep it was Taco-n-Tattusday. And once again the two for the road found another bunch of bike enthusiast to pal around with. We swapped stories, ink and a few spare parts and sent them on their way never to be seen again…

(They’re still on the road and keeping us in the loop, don’t worry there not dead some where in a ditch)