Show and Tell

Before you think that all we've only been playing with was Super Cubs over the big wet. We wanted you to get your peepers on this shiny specimen. We started out with a Honda XR 600, but before cutting we already knew we had a whole lot more in store. Mustang and the bengkel boys were well out of their normal CC range on this project, sure we've done 650's, a big Husky, an old Harley rebuild for the boss and a few 450's but this was the first of this kind for them. Needn't have worried though, for like the true artisans they are, they rallied and have yet again excelled.

Remember, Bagio, our tank maker, thrill seeker and hammerer extraordinaire. Well after only six months of tedious hand beaten and laborious, sanding and polishing, trial and error he's now producing glorious alloy tanks right here, out the back at the Temple. And the fabulous thing is, you don't have to take our word for it, feast your gazing gear all over this beut. Continuing on the theme, in the key of bling, the donk was stripped down to nothing more than a pile of plastic on the floor before being build right back up again into a thing of strength. Somewhere in the process the head and casing were also given a thorough shine. Swing arm and forks, both from the original bike, jumped aboard and were also shown more than a whiff of the polisher. The sub frame ended up way more customised than we originally thought, but the work well worth it to create, what is now, this sterling example of a street tracker.

Venture handlebars were the only choice, mounted with micro switches and gummy grips. Posh turns and speedo. Out front is a replica HD 5.5" chrome headlight to light the way back home through the darkest Bali has to offer. Everything is sitting up high on 18" alloy rims. 2.50 in the front and 3.50 in the back exquisitely attired in Heidenau rubber; 120/18 Duro to front and 140/18 endure on the rear. Making the ride even smoother is one of our custom saddles. Fibreglass form and tight low black leather upper.

Also poured in there is a jamboree of goodness; things you need but not so oft spoken about. Stuff like custom fibreglass fenders front and back, a K&N filter and a feel great quantity of custom plates, bushings, bolts and nuts to create the tight ship needed for the tracks that pass as roads here. Oh and did we mention the normal obtuse amount of labour to break it down and build it all up again?