Hot and Crowded

"You can always travel as much as you want and "get away" as much as your bank account will allow, but the things that make us smile and ache are always in our back-pockets."- Ty Williams Ty Williams’ paintings of his travels in an unpasteurized fashion, focusing primarily on the aquatic lifestyle and the characters and activities surrounding the ocean. The result is a marriage between the playfully sarcastic and fancifully sublime with an element of innocence and heartbreak. It is this idiosyncratic subject matter and simple composition that has attracted labels and galleries around the world to collaborate on apparel and installations. Ty has been working as part of the artist in residence program here at the Temple. The Deus Gallery is proud to present his work in a solo exhibit entitled ‘Hot and Crowded’. The show opens on Dec 2nd at 6:30 pm. All are welcome to attend! And here is a little vid clip of Ty working here at the Temple! Enjoy!