Down Time is Fun Time

All swells have a bit of a shelf life. Could be a week, could be a day. This last swell that ripped though Bali lasted about a three days, and brought us more pro’s than a Las Vegas trade show in the late 90’s, any way I’m off subject. So the crew got their fare share of the swell. But what to do when it’s gone? Sit around being derelicts? Well you could and we have. But over here at “The Temple” we like to make the most of our down time. Not only do we re-plant our roots back into our local spots we surf at daily ‘The Goo’. We also like to get into the ‘Shaping Bay’ or ‘Bowels of Originality’ as I like to think of it as, and get scratching on the next stick for the next swell. Our new friend Ryan Birch washed up on our shores during the swell and has been mucking around “The Temple” chatting up Chris Garrett on different shaping techniques, (oh to be a fly on the wall for that conversation) Ryan has also been getting a little dusty in the bay himself. Ryan is a free thinker when it comes to board designs, and that’s a good thing, we are to. Not all waves are the same so why should all boards. Lately we’ve been with him as he’s slayed all types of on his hand and head designed peach colored fish. I mean why not.
Matt “The Greaser” Chojnacki has been quite busy himself, surfing the McTavish quiver hw brought and getting to know a river mouth down the road pretty well if I do say. Matt’s a bit of a coffee madman and he has been working the grinder, turning out some wicked brews for the boys to enjoy, both hot a cold. Like I said we like to make the most of our down time, don’t worry we still found ample time for cold beers and derelict activity’s. Just because we play in “The Temple” doesn’t mean were saints. Stick around things are only getting better with time, we’ve got a long shelf life…