Zye's South to Sian Motorcycle

The last post we did was on Harrison’s reliable steed from the South to Sian journey he and his best mate Zye Norris endured. Now its time to have a look at its partner in crime, Zye's bike.

Most of the modifications were the same as Harrison’s, they both came from Yamaha, both Bisons, both needed some much needed modification etc. However Zye’s bike did get a couple different bits a pieces.

Zye’s bike got a completely different subframe than Harrison’s but on the power side of things, both engines got pretty much the same treatment except for Zye’s got a different CDI tune. Its front shocks came from a 1997 CR250 that had snapped its frame in a motocross race, it got a custom hand made alloy tank with a matte army green paint job and its head-light is from a Harley Davidson Sportser. It’s rear fender is from a DT100 and a custom seat to rest Zye’s weary behind on.

As we said yesterday, the boys were pretty surprised at how well these little plastic-clad commuter bikes held up in the Indonesian wilderness. No matter how hard they rode them, they would always start right up and continue with whatever shenanigans they boys were up to.

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