At dawn we Womp

The Deus Womp Comp was run today… what’s that you say? well for the uninformed it was our fourth annual boards-free, crash-smash bodysurfing display held at the famed Perenenan Right. The first heat of fin flapping freestylers swam out around 7am blurry.

The weather gods threatened and beaconed though held off. The wind blew a few umbrellas inside out and folded the lip on the swells a little earlier than the competitors would have liked but stayed mostly at bay. There were periods of nothing at all leaving the audience on the beach wide open to be amused by a carousel of microphone wielding would be comedians led by none other than the T.Mars. Not that it was flat, far from it, we had some swell push though and the heats were more than peppered with the promise of a new one coming and hopefully meant to hit in time for tomorrows Deus 9ft & Single Log Fest. They swam in hard and let themselves be lifted up and thrown perilously out, forward and down over towards the razor sharp and shallow reef that makes this right such a good surf spot.

Mush, bustle, hustle and foam balls ended up throwing four of them into the finals. Dylan Kaszmerick, Harrison Roach, Matt Cuddihy & Riki Gilbey. They posed for photos before dancing across the burning sands for one final battle of the watermen. Who won? Sorry no sneaky bits of info here, you are just going to have to come back on Sunday night to see who took out the title. For now enjoy a few happy snaps of the event.