The Rolling Queen, a fiery creation of the Deus Workshop in Milan, emerged as the offspring of an electrifying collaboration with our friends from Royal Enfield. The mission? To craft a head-turning getaway machine, drawing inspiration from the rebellious chopper culture of the wild 70s, all while infusing it with a contemporary cruiser allure. And as you witness this beast gracefully glide through the very streets it calls home, rest assured, we've not just hit the mark; we've exceeded it.

Incorporating a laid-back riding posture with an unabashedly rebellious spirit, The Rolling Queen isn't just a motorcycle; it's a passport to adventure. It beckons you to embark on epic journeys that defy boundaries, and there's an elusive something about this two-wheeled marvel that transforms every rider who straddles it into the undisputed kingpin of the town. It's not just a ride; it's a proclamation of coolness that resonates with every twist of the throttle.

Based on the Royal Enfiled’s Super Meteor 650, in this buil hand-crafted aluminium goodness is the name of the game. It features a rebuilt back chassis that really brings back to the 70ies, and new handlebar with a new higher hand position, coming with custom controls and front light. Last but not least a back lenticular wheel matched with a front spoke wheel with Metzeler tyres. For any question and enquires:


ph. @Bearoll