Sted’s Healthy Twins…

Combine 1 part foam, a filmer with no shirt, a pair of nice titties and a lanky surfer, and ya get, 'Sted’s Healthy Twins…'Surfer Luke Stedman, film maker Jimmy James and a wicked Twin Fin shaped by Elis Ericson (over here at “The Temple” of course) all put there collective heads together and went to work.Elis was on the foam, and twisted up a mean old Twinzer like no other, after all huffing foam and fumes is what he does.Next step, head to 'The Bukit' and pull in.

Jimmy was set on the sand and lanky Luke Stedman in the line up.

Barrels later, a few cheater fives, some gouging cutbacks and a set of twins doing what they do oh so well. Mix it all together to get 'Sted’s Healthy Twins…'