The one day trip up the coast; undervalued, overlooked, and often taken for granted. It's the simplest form a road trip, and a staple of the surfing community. Usually the easiest decision we have to make.

But why do we pack the car to the brim, wade in traffic, with the looming possibility of showing up to a beach with no waves? Well, it’s times like these that provide the answer, because we never understand the value of something until it is taken away.

We do it because we can, we do it so when we are stuck in any situation we have something to look back on.

From a smile or even something deeper, a connection. Leaving us with the chance to do two things; reminisce on the memories that we’ve so delicately created, or throw the dart at the map and look at what lies ahead. Pondering the limitless possibilities of what can be done.

Whether it be north, south, east, or west, by plane, foot, boat or vehicle. What happens on these trips is indescribable, mainly because we just have too much fun.

So I recommend you get the band back together when the clouds clear, and ask where to next?

Words: @maxseiersen

Riders: @max_lambert @maxseiersen

Photos: @harrisonamark