The Norton returns - Australian Launch

Norton enjoys a unique place in motorcycle history, drawing inspiration from the past while creating a Lasting legacy for the future. Hence why our excitement for teaming up with the legendary bike maker from Donnington Hall, couldn’t be bigger.
To celebrate, the neighbourhood and the two wheeled community at large was invited to the House Of Simple Pleasures for a morning of tyre kicking and crank case admiration.

You can't celebrate the future without a nod to the past — The classic section of Nortons was carefully curated, featuring stock gems and mod beauties, like Matt Machines ‘Born Free’ winning bobber. Seating nicely next to the line up of 2019 Commandos, which by the way, are available to take for test ride. Oh beware of the Norton charm, for it will posses you!

A special thanks to the great Hugh Stewart for setting up his Portrait studio. Hopefully you were lucky enough to get a portrait by one of the best in the biz.
Photos by Beatriz Ryder