Gathering of the Left-turn enthusiast - Slide Night 2017

The religion of dirt track attracts a vast range of folk. From die-hards to the novice, all linked by the simple joy of turning left again and again on wet dirt — it’s the simple things in life ya know! Slide Night is a gathering of sorts and encourages those wanting to turn left to get to know limp-walking legends. The Jerkyls are known in Sydney as the aficionados of the dirt shuffle, whos mission is to gather the faithfuls to the church of stoke for their Sunday Slide event. During the evening that was Slide Night at the House Of Simple Pleasures in Camperdown — people picked from the audience transformed a standard TR6 Triumph into a slide ready tracker within an hour, just to show how easy it is to get your bike prep for track day. The prestigious Slide Award was announced by none other than Henry Wiles from the US of A. Purple Dave, who has been sliding at Nepean since the 60’s took the award along with a Michelin Competition X11 Trials tyre provided by Michelin Australia. The Drip-Tray Raffle was split in two, one prize for competitors and one for spectators. Two bucks a ticket and a whole range of drip trays, shirts, hats, funnels and another coveted Michelin X11 proved for some fierce ticket purchasing. The winners are happy and no, they don’t want to sell the tyre. If you happened to miss last night’s shin-ding, don’t worry because the day where you get to eat dust and smell 2-stroke fumes is just around the corner. The infamous SUNDAY SLIDE on November 19th at Nepean Raceway. A whole day dedicated to those who want to ride on dirt. Follow The Jerkyls and Deus House Instagram for more info soon. Thanks to the following people who helped make this night happen:
  • Andy Baker
  • The Jerkyls
  • Michelin Australia
  • Corona
  • Scruff, Dark Prince, G-Love, Purple Dave, Hoppo, Randy Faker, Bill and Mike for the race bikes that were on display
  • Everyone who came and supported the scene of dirt tracking in Sydney
  In the words of head Jerkyl, A.Baker "FUCK YEAH!"