North to noosa: chapter 4

Byron Bay and its eclectic group of locals, wandering hippies and backpackers are always interesting to visit, but this road trip wasn’t dubbed North to Noosa so that we could lose our minds in northern New South Whales. After a couple of cozy nights in Suffolk park we were itching to be ‘on the road again’. We left Byron Bay and its grassy hills mid morning, with our final destination just four hours away. No time to visit the Gold Coast, our boards are too weird to be appreciated around the Quiksilver Pro. No interest in Logan, no interest in Brisbane and definitely no interest in Caboolture. We were on a direct path to Hastings Street and first point Noosa. Once we’d left the northern rivers, the Pacific Highway became quite boring. Regardless, we were content knowing that on this day, we would finish our voyage. After five days, three million rain squalls, one flood and more than a thousand kilometers on two wheels, we finally made it! Matt Cuddihy and I were home, and Husni Ridhwan had at long last, arrived at the place he’d dreamed of for years. Without thinking of friends or family, we rode straight to the points. Here, at the end of our journey, we found the best waves we’d seen since leaving Camperdown. We’re bunkering down in Noosa for the Festival of Surfing and the next cyclone swell. From here, I say my farewells. It’s been one hell of a ride. ~ HARRISON ROACH Photography by Anthony Dodds & Thomas Walk