Deus Cantina's Speakeasy Sundays

Now that spring is kicking in, winter is slowly becoming a memory. Last winter, Sundays were warm and inviting at Deus Cantina. We started a new gem right on the canals in Amsterdam: Deus Speakeasy Sundays.

A well-hidden gem - or should we say jam? - all the way in the back of our beautiful 1643 canal house that is Deus Cantina. Once you make your way into our Speakeasy space, you will find yourself in a cozy room set up with couches and small tables, a chilled mood, candles, delicious food, and signature cocktails crafted by our mixologists. For ice cold beer lovers we had Moretti as guest of honor to satisfied their wishes. With live music to get you in the right mood, our Speakeasy Sundays prove to be the perfect recipe to fade out of your weekend while indulging yourself in delicious food, drinks, and good company.

The concept is simple: young artists of the new Amsterdam music scene bring up jazz and kick off the night with soothing tunes to get you in the mood for a funky night at Deus Cantina. Once the room has warmed up with the host band, the stage opens up for other musical pioneers to join the jam session.

Over the last months, this has brought us an eclectic mix of jazz, hip hop, funk, soul, African drums, and more. All that jazz, hip hop, funk, and soul flowed through the air and created an eargasmic experience for everyone present. New creations came to life right on the spot, and Deus Cantina became a birthplace for musical invention and its community, connected by the sound of creativity.

And with that, our Deus Speakeasy Sunday series is wrapped. Speakeasy Sundays will be back soon. 

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 Special thanks to Lorenzo Servali from Imprevisti who took care of the artists selection.


ph. @tristanfopma & @yoran.vanrossum