A new single from Matty P

We have quite the extended family here at Deus. From our modest locale near the beach in Bali, our friends and comrades extend far as Kazakhstan and Nepal. Someone a little closer to home, being only as far as the UK, is our good friend Matty P. Matty came to visit Deus at the end of last year, and quickly joined the rest of us regular neerdowells from that Temple of Enthusiasm. From chilling in the back yard and playing in our Sunday Sunset sessions to an impromptu surf trip to Lombok, we had good times with Matty and were sad to see him go. Matty, being the talented artist that he is, just released a new single and music video to boot!..Now i don't know exactly what the song is about, but if i were to guess, and talking to Matty while he was here…I'm sure there is a certain girl involved somewhere. Good job Matty P….your making us all proud!