Throwing no caution to the wind

"How's about takin' these boards for a test drive" the germ of the idea was planted and spread rapidly. Next thing calls were being made, schedules checked and the truck was being loaded up. A rag-tag team of devotees assembled. A few clothes, the boards, some cold beers and a couple of boxes of Beng-Bengs to keep the sugar levels up. Bodies maneuvered about the tray and the cabs interior to get comfy as they pulled out of the carpark. About 4 Bintangs later they arrived at their destination, a somewhat lonesome pointbreak these logs seemed designed to enjoy.
The gods of chance were on their side when eager shaper beaver, Thomas Bexon, Jake Bowrey and bottom turn king, Matt Cudderhy slid into the water. Days of heavy wind, dissipated and conditions went from grey to grouse n' glassy. We broke out the cameras to record the moves of the cross stepping duo, 'Doc n' Cuddles'.
D Hump, who has been a little M.I.A. from surf photography these past couple of years in order to concentrate on his family and getting the whole Deus Bali thing happening, swung in behind the lens. In case you don't believe us, our paparazzi team got you a shot to quell any disbelief. Like riding a bike he'd lost none of his magic.
His work is bundled into the below with our resident Photog's Nicole and Jamie. A picture says a thousand words and a collection like this is a best seller. Enjoy.