The ol Grey mare, she aint what she used to be

Ahh, the beauty of the Café Racer, sleek, sexy, built for one but yet all the lady’s want to take a ride on it. It’s been a long time coming, this little gem of a bike. We here at The Temple get so full on with custom orders that we seldom get the “Project Bike” time any more. But when Mustang wheeled in an early 70's tore up Honda S90 and announced to the crew that he had an idea, we knew it would be a good one.
We started by striping her down to the bare bones; forged Café Racer Seat, overhauled engine and carburetor, we polished up the shiny parts and put a classic coat of white on it to turn heads both inside and out. The S90 also includes custom built polished clip on handle bars, converted ignition from point to CDI, and a custom Japanese exhaust so you hear it coming. Oh yah, KTC small switches, Daytona speedometer built into Suzuki GT front headlight, Polaris tail light (taken from my bike) all resting on 18inch front and back TK Japanese wheels.
Will it get you from A to B? Hell yes! Will all the ladies what a ride? There’s one straddling the seat right now. Any way your picking up, what were putting down. Graze the pictures and enjoy our latest “Project Bike” the S 90Café Racer…