The Mechanics Mate

You know when the head mechanic likes a bike it has to have something special going for it. That’s the case to the latest Honda GL 200 to pop outfrom the bengkel. Our first in awhile and the first on the new 2012 geometry. We had tried and true and brand spanking new, the recipe for success. A custom order. An exercise in simplicity. Black across it’s bulk, wrinkle to the engine with flourishes of silver sparing added across the build. The new stainless exhausts are just getting better and better. Icing on the cake a drop of gold coming from the Deus script logo on the tank. Not sure why but it’s got this bulldog look about it, you know all up in the big shoulders, definitely a take away from the Yamaha Byson front suspension the guys have fitted it up with. The visual compactness is a lot harder to put a finger on. Whether it’s due to the shorter roundness of the GS250 swing arm allowing for the overall shorter wheel base or the you beut chunky18x18 wheels, they definitely do give it its street tracker credentials. Or is in the detail, the devil lives there you know. This baby has them all with custom side covers, custom black tank, micro switches and mini Speedo that absolutely pare back the visual clutter or even the sick Triumph rear shocks. We’re not all too sure. We just know that collectively they work. The parts of the many coming together to create this very neat and efficient looking urban vehicle. In traffic, on one wheel or out on the dirt this puppy is as happy as Larry. And for us, the fact that Mustang keeps test driving it, well that is definitely the best yard stick we have to measuring a bikes success. A full list of modifications… HondaGL 200 2012 Donor motor and frame Yamaha Byson front shocks Triumph rear shocks 120-80-18 rear and front tire 350-18 rear wheel TK 300-18front wheel TK Posh speedometer Posh tail light Posh turn light Posh turn signal Custom Deus tank GS 250 swing arm Custom surf rack Wrinkle black engine finish Custom stainless steel exhaust HD front light Gum grip Black square mirror Built to impress, let us present…