The good, the bad and the girl. A story on two wheels.

Part of all our events is the photography. Whether it's for the blog or not, we take photos. It's what we do, I think you all know that by now. To freeze a moment in time, to capture the people and the place. If we could lock down the smell, taste and sounds we would. So when we host a motorcycle event such as our Deus Motorcycle Show + Swap which was at the Temple last weekend, one of the things we set out to do was capture all the people and their rides.
All was going along swimmingly until 'wind' stuck her rather large large nose in it and coupled with the wear and tear of motorcycles being rolled in and out our poor paper cyc was damaged to the point where we couldn't use it anymore.
Others report it was just all getting all to hard and that more fun was to be had watching and/or dancing to 'The Hydrant'. Either way we did record the first arrivals and after a little cleaning up today we thought we would share a selection of them with you, to witness first hand the amazing cross section of people + machines that we were able to attract.