The Dufus

If you spend time at the Temple, you will probably see this bare bones ratster sitting in the sun out back, light bouncing off its rusty hand beaten tank. This bike, The Dufus, belongs to the one and only 'Smokin' Skull', and is a rather fitting match if you ask me.
The Dufus was not built here at the Temple, but rather forged in back yards and living rooms by the Smoking skull and his trusty sidekick GunGun. Lacking everything that would make it road legal, this bike is the 'Smokin Skull's' daily driver, ferrying him to the local break and around the backstreets of Canggu.
Running on a beating and modified CB100 heart, this stripped back ride packs quite a punch...Especially with the weight reduction from loosing everything non-essential.
Its definitely a rat rod bike, and we love it....If you have your own home built ratster, bring it down on Sunday to the first Deus Show & Swap event. Its going to be a day of complete motorcycle enthusiasm, with builders from all over Indonesia, good food, cold beer, and live music ...things start up at 10am so come on down and bring the family!