The Deus Bike Build Off 2015 - Sydney

The stage was set: Sydney’s iconic Bondi Pavilion would host the plethora of entrants for the 2015 Deus Bike Build Off. Despite a weeks worth of rain leading up to the event 37 builders braved the weather and came from far and wide. As each creation appeared the lack of sunshine was of no concern as hearts were lifted by the quality and diversity of machinery. There was a clear sense of community amongst the builders despite the incredible distances some travelled. From carpark to makeshift photo studio, all the entrants were shot then moved to the tiered crescent of harmonium that is the Pavillion ampetheatre. Judging the gig were five builders of note: Jeremy Tagand, our very own master builder; Matt Machine, whose own garage builds earned him a reputation for being quite the petrol head; Mark Hawwa, El Presidente of the Sydney Café Racers; Chris Hunter, creator and editor of the #1 bike porn site in the land, Bike EXIF; and finally, local Triumph and Harley aficionado Matt Joyce. All judges share a love for bikes but their tastes differ and it took a special bike to conquer all of their hearts. These harsh critics weren’t here to pin the first place ribbon on a shiny show bike; this is the Deus Bike Build Off, it’s all about finding who was able to make the most with the least, so creativity was key. The judges began their epic journey around the pavilion, kicking the tyres and judging all creations present. Meanwhile the Pavilion was a-buzzin’ with crowds, enjoying the stalls of the Throttle Dolls, Stories of Bike, and Sydney Café Racers. Some were getting their beards and mops sharpened by Tommy J while others enjoyed Merivale’s finest finger foods. Something for everyone. A huge thanks to everyone who made it down to our very first Bike Build Off away from our Camperdown home; you braved the wet and made the day a success... and for that, Sydney, we thank you. Stay tuned as we announce the winners shortly!