The Deus Aperitivo Fridays

As you now know, Deus Ex Machina is now leading the good time charge on Friday nights with Aperitivos. Yes it true and any one can join, no loopholes or hidden fees just a bunch of folks gathering in the back yard having a glass of Plaga wine and kicking back on Santai Soo bean bags, moulding your little cushy while you chalk talk with new friends. And all the time tasty bights of food are being prepared hot off our backyard grill, right into your hot little hands to enjoy. What a bitchin way to start the weekend don’t cha think? We do and that’s why were doing it. “Boy some good tunes would fit this equation” is what your thinking right about now, good thing we have Ozzlem spinning all-night for your ear-canals to bathe in. So lets re-cap; Deus Aperitivo Fridays 7-8pm for complementary wine from Plaga, canapé style food from our backyard grill all on the house! And this gathering of good times doesn't end there as bitchin tunes tickles your ear drums till 11, there's no reason why we cant mix and mingle late into the night. So this Friday as you graze thought the back yard doing “Hot Laps” after the food trays and wines just take a moment and think to your selves, “Man, Deus really dose want us to have a good time” Who knows next month we may be doing free Jack Daniels and slaps in the face… See ya this Friday.