The CB200

If you were out and about and happened upon a bog standard Honda CB 200, you could tell, just by looking, that that puppy was a child of the mid 70’s. Don’t get us wrong, that’s not a bad thing. For what you have is a solid, well built, simple and light street bike. Albeit with a slightly dated look. What some don’t know is this bike was innovative, sporting Honda’s first endless chain driven single overhead camshaft. The power plant, parallel twin cylinders with dual carburetors toped off with a tidy five speed gearbox. So good that thousands still punctuate the asphalt of the world, making it something of an ageless beast. Across time they’ve been prototypes, archetypes and stereotypes. Jamaican artist Dillinger immortalized himself and the CB200 with his 1977 song of the same name. So little wonder that we finally got around to adding the Deus touch to this milestone machine. The idea wasn’t new though time and a plethora of plastic fenders had hidden it from view. It’s rediscovery during a clean out of the gudang (Indonesian for storeroom) found the bike laying in waiting, literally buried under the flotsam and jetsam that is discarded from a donor bikes as they get striped and made ready to be customised. From the street, and off the road. Only one thing for it, that’s how this Street Tracker evolved. Venture Handle bars top off a Deus customized frame. A little brand cross pollination came with the addition of the GS 250 swingarm made comfortable with Ikon black rear shocks. Front needed to balance with back and the heavier looking front end from a FZ-1 was brought in, man it’s a perfect fit. Japanese Alloy tank with a simple black spray, Hand made stainless steel header pipes and reverse cone stainless muffler. Silver & black, silver & black don’t they add that touch a class to what has now become an austere classic. Ladies and gentlemen, the CB200… We ask you, is this a flower child or something to take you into the future? Full list of modifications… • Veutura Handle Bars • Japanese Alloy tank with custom spray • Custom Small Switch • HD Front Light • Posh Stop Light • Posh Small Chrome Speedo • Custom Header Pipe Stainless Steel • Custom Reverse Cone Stainless Exhaust • Swallow 120/80/18 Front And Back Tires • Wrinkle Black Engine Finish With Polished Side Cover • Ikon Rear Shocks • Modified Frame • GS 250 Swing Arm • Clear gum grips • Yamaha Byson FZ-1 Front Shocks and Triple tree • Custom Deus bubble seat