Taking in the Bratstyle

Wasn’t all work and no play while in Japan for last weeks Greenroom Festival. We had a little down time left so rather than resting on our laurels we figured it was an ideal opportunity to drop in on old time friends and like minded individuals over at Bratstyle. It’s no secret that Japanese bike builders were hugely influential to what and who we are. Right back to before the big bang when Deus ex Machina came into being, we’d visit Takamine down at his shop to see what him and the guys were tinkering on. Predominantly builders of choppers (they do an amazing funny chopper) and bobbers they can and have built almost every conceivable variation in-between. Seems they do have one rule. Nothing under 250cc. I can understand it, though here in Indonesia we’d be out of work. They since moved into a big bright new place. You enter via handbar door handle to this sensational showroom à la homage everything mechanical. Wander around and suddenly your out back in this wonderful workshop. The place is chock-a-block full of tools to machine almost every part of a bike, from block to brake, seat to suspension and muffler to markings. Add to that their huge inventory of original parts and you can see how they retain control from the ‘go to wow.’ Look closely and you’ll see that their high level of detail is total testament to that. Here’s a few image of the place, just enough to wet your appetite so next time you find yourself near Kita-ku,Tokyo you wont forget to pop in to check it all out…