Taco and Tattoo Tuesday at Deus Noosa

To wrap up our festival of surf program at Deus Noosa, what seemed like the entire town had turned out for Taco & Tattoo Tuesday. The crowd of surfers, backpackers, curious passers-by and a few four legged punters we're understandably drawn in by the aroma of fresh tacos and house music spilling out onto the street; A line stretched around the block packed with intrepid hopefuls looking to receive a tattoo (a fittingly on-the-fly souvenir of the week's festivities).

Our esteemed Gage Roads Brewing rep Jack was working overtime to keep drinks cool and plentiful in the courtyard as eager revellers grew to pack the store and car park next door. When asked if he needed a hand shucking cans Jack replied with a scoff and said he "wouldn't want to get bored".

Next thing you know, dusk set in and just as quickly a dance floor sprung up feet away from the tattoo station with just a knee-high bench between them and carried on until the end of the night. 

As things wound down everybody trickled out in all directions making their own way to the next party (although I’m sure a few had their hearts set on a mates couch). Suffice to say everyone left satisfied in one way or another be it a full belly or permanently adorned bicep.

A huge thanks to all who came down and an extra special one to those who camped out early to score a tattoo.