Ketut's Binter

A couple days ago, as I sat in my office, i heard the arrival of something custom on the temple grounds. The familiar sound of a thumper through a freely flowing exhaust brought me downstairs, curious as to its origin.
I walked overt the the Bengkel, and spotted this beauty sitting in the afternoon sunlight. Its owner was speaking with head honcho of the workshop, Mustang, so I looked over its form as I waited. everything on the bike was clean, well placed and consistent...not something you see everyday with customs in Bali.
After their discussion, Mustang and the bike owner came over and did their best to answer my flurry of questions. The donor bike to this project was a KZ200, also known as a 'Binter,' and this project was built from the ground up for the owner. Quite a bit of frame modification, along with the custom seat and gold leaf paint job really make this bike stand out.
After a bit of chit chat i also found out the the builder, Ketut, is still in university and builds custom bikes in his back garden during his spare time. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Ill leave you with some images, and hopefully we will see more from Ketut soon!