“How do you take yer java?”

As you know the fellowship of the like-minded surfer runs deep in these parts. While over in Bali for the annual log comp in June, Dane Peterson crossed paths with Husni and Deni the grom, supper good cats from Java. After a few beers and trading some waves the three felt a trip back home, (but new to Dane) would be a good way to solidify the new friendship. Along with being a smooth logger Dane is also a professional photographer, and the Batu boys are classy sliders who like to be photo’d (I mean who doesn’t appreciate a good surf pic). So with boards in hand and cameras in bags they shuffled their way up the land where Husni and Deni the grom hang their trunks at night.

They surfed perfect right point peelers many long days, while children laughed and road giant water bananas in the inside shore pound. Many good times were had on this trip and I’m sure it wont be forgotten any time soon. After all the dust settled Husni told me that he was supper stoked, for Dane is his favorite surfer and he has always wanted him to come and visit him and it ment a lot to have such a legend at his home break. Well Husni I’m sure D.P feels the same and your smile, well that tells us all…