Chris Maglio and the journey of many tales

There are things in life which linger in the back of my head...boxes unchecked if you will...ideas un-acted, things unsaid and experiences yet to be. One such muse of daytime dreaming is that of travel, and I'm not talking about the 'jet-set' vacation experience here, I'm talking about real travel...making your own way from point A to point B, and accepting whatever happens along the way...good or bad.
Now that the table is set, I will try to explain as best I can...How Chris Maglio appeared into our lives and how his story has awoken my wander lust from its slumber.
As soon as he set foot in the Temple I could tell he wasn't the average punter...a 6' something, well spoken American, wearing a pair of sturdy boots and a jacket doesn't really scream surfer or holiday maker. So who was he? After some short back and forth he explained that he was on a motorcycle trip, was in a jam and was wondering if we could help. His bike needed repairs, of which he could do himself, but lacked the tools and space to complete them. "Good thing we have a fully functioning spacious workshop outback" I said...and from there the next few months kind of just happened.
(Warning, after the jump are photos which will probably make you quit your job, buy a motorcycle and set off with nowhere specific as a destination)
Chris returned a week later with his motorcycle, it had broken down in Sumbawa so he had rented a car to pick it up and return. The first thing that captivated me was the size of the bike, and everything that was on it...from lights to gas tank, the whole thing just seemed the best kind of way.
Over the next few months Chris became a fixture on the Temple grounds, hanging out during the day and working on his bike through the night. In his time here he ended up staying with nearly everyone who worked at Deus. From Mechanic to Managing Director, he couch surfed his way through the employee structure, doing what he could to repay each innkeeper...last of which was myself. He took residence in my spare room for over a month, and with him he brought good times, great stories and a slew of gorgeous women. (I still don't know how he did it, but this guy managed to collect more pelt than a French trapper)
His story starts in California...after college he started a company, invented some things and then sold the company at the right time. He made his money but couldn't sit still, somewhat like myself without the money. He said the idea came to him and he just did it. "I went out and bought the DRZ400, packed my stuff, threw some sort of plan together and left" he said...
"From inception to departure was under a month."
Leaving California he blasted in to Mexico and hasn't looked back since...that was almost 3 years ago.
"Its been a journey that's for sure." "I've jumped dunes in Baja...flown a plane through Chilean mountains...come off the bike trying to hydroplane river crossings...taken a ride with a pro rally driver hours before he started the Paris Dakar and partied my ass off with beautiful women and crazy locals....Now I'm not sure if I'm doing this whole 'around the world' thing 100% correctly....but fuck I'm having fun MY way"
That statement alone makes me re-evaluate a few things...if I wasn't working in Paradise, for a company that incorporates every other daydream that floats in my head...I would be gone, dust in my mirror and nothing but a compass heading for my destination.
Chris left a few days ago...his bike was fixed and his time was spent. Sure we are all going to miss him, but his journey has to continue...and I'm sure we will meet again sooner or later.
So for all that are thinking about it, or even for those who aren't...I hope this story compels you to just do it...and live with whatever gets thrown at you....good or bad.
(for all those wondering Chris started in California and proceeded to make his way to Bali through the following countries...Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, East Timor and onto our doorstep in Indonesia.)