Chairman of the Board

Why is it that just when you think your getting the meter of a man they go and do something that throws the baby out with the dish water? So it is with Chris (AKA the Phantom) Garrett. The demur shaper has been busy in the back shed and where other shapers might find a vein and work it until all the gold is gone, he has been punching out a plethora of different shapes. One day he’ll be working on a Finless. Next time you poke your head in the door it’s a Poet Warrior he’s carving out of the bloke of foam. Next comes an Equadic, followed by a Gemina, Defluo, Asymmetrical, only to end up at the beginning again. It’s testament to his own likes and dislikes. Ever questioning and pushing things. Not one to be happy with things as they are, room for improvement, reinvent and to tweak. His offerings are vast which has an upside, seems that there is something for everyone. Got my eye on one of these babies, have you? Come down the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm to check em out…