Bike Caloi 10 1979

An iconic original, restored and rendered in a sparkly new aesthetic by our Brazilian brothers at the Deus Mansion. The Caloi 10 (as in ten speed) was the first racing bike to be fully manufactured in Brazil, quickly becoming a mainstay for generations of cycling savants throughout the 70’s and 80’s. And now, in '22 these two wheels of tradition have never looked better.

Replete with history, this 1979 model deserved a little Deus TLC and it was with that history in mind we set out to have her looking fresh off the line while maintaining the OG charm, which carries years of South American pedalling power. Polished from top to bottom, a splash of chrome, some tidy leather work for the seat and handles, and finished with the lush colors of her vibrant homeland. And just like that, the clock was wound back and this iconic frame was ready to run laps around the rest, or just to the cafe; we’ll leave that bit up to you.