Bali Dogs roaming Java

Hello again everyone, I apologize for the lack of post as of late, we have hit the road atop a couple Deus muts, and are now traveling through Java...and an internet connection is quite hard to come by in these parts.
We have been on the road for over 30 hours now...its rained, cleared up and then started raining again. We pushed through the night with a some what larger town in our sights. This is the longest and most arduous journey either of us have undertaken. My mind is as fatigued as my body right now... and I am finding it quite hard to describe in words what the last 30 hours have been like...So I'll leave you with the fitting words of T.E Lawrence and hit you with an update via the next place with a dial-up connection!
'The burble of my exhaust unwound like a long cord behind me. Soon my speed snapped it, and I heard only the cry of the wind battering my head split and fended aside. The cry rose with my speed to a shriek while the air's coldness streamed like two jets of iced water into my dissolving eyes... The next mile of road was rough. I braced my feet into the rests, thrust with my arms, and clenched my knees on the tank til its rubber grips goggled under my thighs... The bad ground was passed and on the new road our flight became birdlike.'
- T.E Lawrence