An Erostika Opening

Oh what a night we had… Colorful images of large breasted women fighting, moaning, and beckoning all while riding in hot rods with suped up vibrators. That, was just the art that was hung on the Deus Gallery wall. A Japanese artist who goes by the name Rockin Jelly Bean, who was wearing a jumpsuit and a Mexican wrestling mask, sips Champaign while watching all the onlookers as they got sucked into his sensual and tempting art. Then when the music came a knocking, he answered the door, by jumping on to the stage and belted out ‘Surf Rock-a-Billy’ tunes (some in Japanese) with the Balinese Mad Men ‘The Hydrant’, along with the world’s laziest go-go dancer who travels with Rockin Jelly Bean to all his gallery openings. If John Waters himself had walked in with Divine’s zombie as his date for the night and ordered martinis it wouldn’t have surprised us at all. It was that type of a night. We really are at a loss for words on this one; it was that out of hand, we laughed, we cried, we drank; we had a Rockin Jelly Bean gallery opening and it was one spicy night. If you were fortunate enough to be at Deus last night, well then you know what we mean and if you’re living vicariously then check out these images… We also decided to make a video about his newest painting for you guys to watch. courtesy of Nikko Karki.