Afterdark. The nights all wrapped up into one. Deus 9ft & Single Festival 2019

Once the sun sets the focus turns to the Temple. We host a raft of activities across the four nights. You would have read about Andrew Wellman’s artshow in the Deus Gallery on the Saturday night by now, if you haven’t you can HERE. But before that happened we had a Thursday night Film night where we gave a full backyard a sneak peek at the latest Deus movie, ‘DEATH RIDES A HORSE’ our latest feature film directed by Dustin Humphrey, the man behind South to Sian. Beers, breakdowns, waves, repeat. Since the 1940’s, people have been taking the trip to Baja to ride motorcycles. Throughout the 1960’s, others were making the same pilgrimage for the waves. Featuring Forrest Minchinton, Harrison Roach, Zye Norris, Matt Cuddihy, Lewie Dunn, Micah Davis, and others the sneak peek was our first twenty-eight minute cut with a full-length feature film in the works. Keep your eye’s peeled here for it. Friday night was about music and we thought the best way to celebrate that was to have a lot of it and so we had a Jam season par excellence. We rang our good friend Da Dang up a month or so back and asked him if he could get us five bands. Starting out as standalone and building up until all five became one. We extended our normal stage to fit them all on. Phil Spectre may have coined the idea of the wall of sound but we had the physical manifestation of it in the yard last Friday night. Sunday is the Wrap Up and for good reason. The weekends surfing is all done the final sun has set and we’re there to say job well done, dance a heap and blow off any and all pent-up steam. We started with giving out some big cheques and added a liberal pour of bottles for the winners before we surrendered the backyard to the bands and grabbed a partner on the dance floor. The Hydrant was our headliner, Bali’s premier rockabilly band never fail to disappoint, their brand of music makes you light on the feet and your heart beat louder. They rocked and rocked and made sore muscles sorer. The night finished late, people drifted off to Gimme Shelta who don’t close until after four and there was even a swath of the last order takers who ended up at some unsuspecting persons place to welcome the dawn.   RESULTS FOR 2019 The Deus Womp Comp 1st Jack MacRae, 2nd Keoki Saguibo, 3rd Cian & 4th Zye Norris   The Deus Bali Fish Fry 1st Nathan Monchet, 2nd Lewie Dunn, 3rd Zye Norris, 4th Dane Wilson, 5th Matt Cuddihy & 6th Dean Permana   The Deus 9ft & Single Women’s Log event 1st Rachel Tilley, 2nd Honolua Blomfield, 3rd Hiroka Yoshikawa and 4th Sierra Lerback   The Deus 9ft & Single Men’s Log event 1st Harrison Roach, 2nd Kai Ellis Flint, 3rd Jack Lynch, and 4th Matt Cuddihy   Big thank to our Sponsors without whom we wouldn’t be able to throw these amazing events! Nusa Cana, Bintang, Frii Hotels, Smirnoff Vodka, Capt Morgan Rum, Two Islands Wine, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Krakin Rum, Happy Kamboucha, Red Bull, Jagermeister, Ombach Rum, BaliMoon, Silver Dry Gin, Wild Turkey Bourbon, Campari, Squeeze Juice, reflections Aqua and Biznet for the Wifi down at the beach.