Action in the surfbaord factory

The surfboard factory, and all its sectors, have been abuzz with activity these past few days. Ellis Ericson landed on the island just over a week ago and has been hanging out at the Temple. Spending some time in both the shaping bay and the resin pit, he carved out and glassed up a sleek looking sled for himself.
After a few days having the factory all to himself, Ellis was joined by artist / shaper Tyler warren, fresh off the boat from a Dessert Point run. Tyler wasted no time and jumped straight into making a board for himself, shaping into the night and coming back in the morning to glass his creation. After making their own sleds, the two joined creative forces and along with the "Smokin' Skull," went about fusing foam off cuts into a 3'9 miniature twin fin. The trio tag teamed the whole process, from shaping to glassing…it was quite the sight. The pair of young shapers still have some time left before leaving the island, everybody's surfing, and when their not in the water, you can find them hanging at the Temples rear. Stay tuned for some photos of the end products!