Deus Cafe Navigli

Via Sartirana, 1 Angolo Via Vigevano, Milan Italy
P: 0238267836

Segunda Closed
Terça 08 - 00
Quarta 08 - 00
Quinta 08 - 00
Sexta 08 - 02
Sábado 08 - 02
Domingo 08 - 00

Via Sartirana, 1 Angolo Via Vigevano, Milan Italy |

The Deus Cafe on Navigli, on the corner with Via Vigevano is the latest born of the Deus Family in Milano.
Like every Deus location, stepping through the door you’ll find yourself surrounded by the elements recalling the passion and activities that make the Deus Ex Machina world keep on rolling. Surfboards, wall artworks, helmets, and tanks take part in the design of the space, giving it a special and unique atmosphere, but here the main focus is on the kitchen and bar.

Sliding your index finger down the menu, you'll encounter classics from the Deus cuisine, traditional recipes and speciality from around the world - but first of all, you pass through a wide choice of signature cocktails: A selection of mixes created by our bartenders, which made the Deus Cafe Navigli the right choice for anyone looking for something more than a drink.

The Deus Cafe satisfies the demand of those looking for a safe happy harbour from the grind of the city. No matter if you're 2 or 4 strokes, engine or pedals, running on diesel or petrol: at Deus Cafe, there's the right fuel for any kind of purpose.