Z900RS Build One - Entry Two

The wheels came back from their blasting treatment just in time to get fitted with some chunky rubbers. The Karoo 3 by Metzeler, a tough looking tire that delivers on the black top and on the dirt. Next up, I kept hammering away at the top end of the bike. I reworked some bar raisers to match Saxon’s rendering, blasted more alloy parts to bring that raw look to life. I shaped and cut an aluminum front fender, wide enough for the wheel, but short enough to no stand out too much. The bike was now starting to look a lot different and you could already see the new design ideas take place. The next few steps step are very important; proportion, style, material, shape and precision are everything you need to focus on when you start moking-up a new component for a build. I was trying to found the best way to shape the head light unit and I wanted to display a twin light set up that was out of the ordinary. This was a trial and error processes, but came away with the right idea in the end. More on this in the next Diary entry. Words by Jeremy Tagand.