Z900RS Build One - Entry Three

I began to draw up all my templates on good ol’ fashion paper, then transferring those deign ideas onto 2mm thick alloy. Why so thick? It needed to look solid and tough. Downside to that is, it doesn’t easily bend. At least I had all the right tools at hand to get the shapes right down to the mil. This step is critical to get right, the symmetry and the shapes have to be very accurate, if one of your template is wrong your final piece will be wrong. Once I got all my pieces ready, I assembled everything with some spot welding. Which allowed to reprosition pieces exactly where they needed to be, step by step. When the positioning is good and the mounting is solid, those can now be properly welded together. To get the clean finish we were after, I sanded down the welds to a perfect angular look, you can see on this front head light unit the details and the lines are very unique and quit precise. Words by Jeremy Tagand