Z900RS Build One - Entry Four

At this stage of the build, some strong progress had been made on the fabrication side-o-things. The headlight piece was coming together nicely, I still needed to relocate the ignition into it. On the other hand, the tail unit was proving to be a bit more complex. A few more pieces and some very tight angles, which were trickier to weld together, as you can see, it all came together is fine form. Putting the pieces together is only half the job, figuring out way to functionally remove the tail to reach the underneath components for servicing is the other half. I had to adjust the side cover and slightly modify their shape so I could remove them with the seat on. There were a lot of sanding and grinding to finally get down to the clean stone cut that I was looking for. Then, I proceeded to draw the front and tail LEDs into place — We were after something clean yet unique. We crossed our T’s and doted our I’s. Time had come to pull it all apart one last time and send bits and bobs to get paint, powder coated, zinced — You name it! My final to-do list was ready for when all the parts landed back in Camperdown.   To be continued…   Words by Jeremy Tagand