Wrapped about the rubber

When the mercury heads down towards the brrrr and we begin to feel that morning chill run through our thin blooded veins. Rather than reach for a space age suit think twice and slide your hide into our limited edition neoprene offerings. The Deus front entry vests and jackets. We’re not talking redefining thermal technologies moreover it’s just a lil something to dampen those dawn dallies while letting you look good and perform great down at your local break. After much mulling over and wearing the thinking cap we headed off to Japan on a little R&D trip and to see the state of play. We knew what we wanted, just not where to get it from. Material was a given, long time fans of old school, high grade, 3/2 Japanese rubber that's both super soft yet retains it’s own unique shine. We’ve added to that a big black zip down the front for an ageless aesthetic. Super skilled hand stitching while at the same time keeping that chilly H2O at bay and the wearer warm & flexible. Old and new, a combination of craftsmen cutting by hand and computers cutting to microns, a union of sewn and glued. We needed to find the happy marriage between then and now. And we did. It was down by the ocean in Chiba at a little place known as Kujyukuri that we finally got all of our ducks in a row. The first batches are hitting Deus stores around the globe. If your in Bali head down the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, if your in Sydney you’ll be wanting to get into the Deus House of Simple Pleasures and state side head to Venice Beach and the Deus Emporium of Postmodern Activities.