Snap out of the every-day. 

Jeremy Tagand, Head-Chef of the Deus workshop sucked the marrow of the past out of the carcass of the W650 to create a lighter, tastier dirt-tracker with an urban assault feel. Kawasaki's W650 has a great reputation for reliability and making itself a more than versatile base for custom work. A rich blend of ingredients worked together offer up a once street based rig that is more than capable of heading bush, from raised adjustable suspension to low maintenance black paint and powder coat. Hose down the weekend's dirt and this puppy is ready for daily duty on city streets. Much lighter than standard, The Wishbones provides excellent response on and off road, assurity maintained via rider input. Jez is wearing the Deus LA Workwear jacket, find it here. Northern Hemisphere, find it here. Today's offering:

  • Tomaselli motocross bars provide old school feel
  • Velona digital speedo/tacho reducing the clocks to sleek pin-point vision
  • Bates style headlight, carving away the bulk for a neat light, powerful enough to cook a chicken.
  • Braided brake line of black offers assurance when reining in the extra grunt of the dyno tuned engine.
  • Hand-rolled alloy front and rear fenders, leaving the heavy steel to rust in the past. A delicately recessed custom LED tail light complements the sleek line.
  • Air-box removal, now breathing through twin K&N filters to re-jetted carbs.
  • Exhaust gasses erupt through custom two-into-one headers, which are wrapped in a sheath of black to increase their aesthetic and functionality
  • Straight-through custom reverse cone muffler helps amplify Kawasaki's classic twin.
  • Custom length rear shock units by Ikon, black body, black spring.
  • Revised fork internals and adjustment for pre-load, offer greater ground clearance while maintaining positive front-end feel.
  • Tank and side covers are flavoured with limited edition factory Kawasaki colour scheme: black with chrome accents.
  • The motor has been stripped and painted in high temperature black.
  • The wheel-set complete (hub, spoke, rim) styled up in black powder coat.
  • For rider and pillion comfort we have a factory Kawasaki W800 seat, a satisfying serving for two.
  • Metzeler Karoo 3 tyres have a taste for dirt, however sizzle on tar.