When Ink Spills Meets Generic Pills

This one’s for the business minded amongst you. We just finished watching a great little BBC docco about our mate and mentor, king of the cool T, brand guru, and top Aussie bloke, Dare Jennings. The Vid would fill you in, but for the uninitiated he’s the Deus within Deus ex Machina. Growing up on a farm in rural NSW before getting totally jack of it and high tailing it to the big smoke, Sydney. Though they don’t mention it he started things rolling there with a company called Phantom Records before skipping to the next stone, surf brand, Mambo. A couple of million T-shirts later, an offer to good to refuse saw him selling the company in 2000. In 2006 he and some like minded started a new venture up, Deus ex Machina, the company we now like to call home. Not too shabby for a boy from the bush. In an upstairs room at the Asia House in London Dare met with Indian Ajay Piramal, billionaire genetic pharmaceutical king. A man who through a couple of family tragedy’s, was pushed into taking on the family’s textile business at the rather young age of 29. Not long after he bucked trends and advisors and did a complete about face, taking the family & business into the very different world of generic pills and India’s first shopping mall. He too got the offer to good to refuse, selling the generic pharmaceutical division for billions and now runs the families company which still has fingers in a heck of a lotta pies. The upshot of the whole thing is the men meeting for the first time. Straight up their appearance is very different and lets not even go into their chosen modes of transport. What really blows you away though is the ability of both men enjoying the experience of meeting a man from what ostensibly is a completely opposite way of life while at the same time seeing, and seizing the opportunity to take away something special from the exchange. The whole thing is wrapped around some incredibly good and well researched back story about these two entrepreneurs and spiced with a generous sprinkling of their hopes, dreams and aspirations for both business and family. Check it out. It’s 25 minutes long, so make your self comfortable