Welcome to the family Husni

The Family Deus seems to be ever expanding, collecting new members who seem to be residing further and further from the Temples walls. The latest addition to the post modern collective is that of a Javanese Surfer who breaks the norm when it comes to the Indonesian surfer stereotype. His name is Husni Ridhwan. We have been looking to usher in a local surfer for some time now, however with the majority of them piloting white bread Hi Fi thrusters, its pretty much slim pickings… So when we heard about a fellow who resided in West Java, who rode a log like he was born to do it and grew up on a point break that would be considered the Noosa of Indonesia…its safe to say we were intrigued.
So we decided it was best to pack up our stuff and go see Husni in his element at his local break, Batukeras. We made the journey, met up with Husni, got to hang out with his family and had a fun few days of surfing…(but more on that later)Husni is a two time ISC long board champ, but lately has been forgoing the major contests in preference to surfing the points on a traditional log, the latest of which is a snazzy blue 9’4 shaped by Thomas at the Temple. Here are a few snaps of Husni from the trip, expect more soon!
To welcome Husni to the Family we’ve invited him to come up next weekend to compete in the Deus 9ft & Single Log Fest. Super stoked to add some local flavour to the already International field of surfers here or heading in to compete. Photos by Grasshopper and Monty