Welcome To Summer In Noosa

Mother nature started the day throwing giant hailstones down at the sunshine state, but blessed our Welcome to Summer shindig by sparing our little corner of the world at Deus Noosa Heads. Local alleycats and sand-dune dwellers alike came out of the woodwork to celebrate the beginning of the silly season, and pray that the tropics bring their cyclone swells soon. What better way to show the gods we mean business than by sacrificing kegs of Heads of Noosa's Japanese Lager, slabs of seltzer by A Beautiful Something, and of course some fresh, steaming pizza by Somedays. Our guests of honour? Local body piercing sisters, who were all too happy to pierce and poke us with precision. It started with a helix, a traggis, a nose, a tongue, and ended with a closed curtain. Adorned in surgical steel and with drinks flowing, DJ Nacho spun some sweet disco beats while we did a rain dance and cheersed to the stars. Welcome to summer.

Photography by Sencillo Creative