Wax Therapy

Covid threw all of our lives into a tailspin. It seemed to happen overnight didn’t it? Here in Bali, it was more like a week or two, we watched in slow motion as all things went from go to whoa. The island drained of tourists as people scurried back to their countries and flights out ground to a halt. A tourist destination with no tourists, it left innumerable businesses and restaurants, empty of clientele to service, with no other option but to close their doors. There were hundreds of thousands of people out of work and with nothing to do. 

One of those people who now found himself with a lot of time on his hands was, chef by trade, Fernando Trump. The Buenos Aires native had spent the previous twenty-two years plying his profession around the globe, from award-winning, Michelin - starred establishments and industry - titled restaurants to more modest cafes and bistros. After he closed the doors to his restaurant here, he decided to sit tight and ride out the pandemic. His only problem was what to do in the meantime.

For no discernable reason and more incredibly, for the very first time in his life, Fernando picked up a pencil and began to draw. He surfed the internet for inspiration, education and direction. He loved the way light plays on organic and inorganic facades, the various faces of nature and of course the textures our built-up environment throws up at us. He discovered artists like C. J. Hendry and Alessandro Paglia who seek to replicate the minutia of life's detail which struck a cord with him. His direction and mind fell into step and the whole new realm of Hyperrealism opened up to him. Most people would baulk at the immensity of the task ahead, for Fernando it merely showed him the possibilities and not one to shirk from a challenge and armed with a plethora of fresh coloured pencils he delved into the deep abyss of discovering his voice as an artist.

Countless hours blended into a year, and then two as he plummeted down into the hole of his now devoted research. Fernando was fascinated, addicted one might say and working doggedly to hone his chosen medium, the techniques of using coloured pencils to give us incredibly life like results.

As his passion matured so did his expertise, and the flow on saw his newfound hobby transform to become his obsession. His confidence and skills as an artist amassed and the size of his pieces grew, it wasn’t long before he was dedicating hundreds of hours to create works that were now over a metre in size.

Wax Therapy is the accumulation of the past three years of Fernando’s work. This is his first ever show and is an incredible statement in terms of Fernando’s determination and a celebration of his new found passion.

Without further ado, we would like to present the incredible…

Wax Therapy
The Art of Fernando Trump

The Show is currently hanging in the Deus Gallery Canggu, Bali
Nov 17 – Dec 11 2022